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    Milango means “gates” in swahili. Coming from our Swahili identity and mother company “Kijamii’, we promise a full community solution for residents, visitors, customers, merchants and developers.

  • Milango is not only a tech product.

    It’s a full community experience developed with a full understanding of the community needs and engagement tactics.

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    "Community Experience Consultants"

    Through our the last 5 years, our team has built a solid experience with top developers in tech features, community learnings, engagement tactics and enablement strategy. Talk to our team now and they will consult you with all your requirements.

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A Full Community Experience Solution

A Digital Cashless Community

No more cash inside your gates, everything could be handled digitally, bill, grocery, shopping or maintenance fees.

Flexible User Interface to suit your Brand Guidelines.

We white label the product with your brand name, we give you the luxury of having an orignal experience that suits your brand best.

Help you figure Community needs for a better living experience.

Using our solution will allow a better understanding of your community needs by using the analytics reports generated from the control panel, giving you the edge to enhance your community services and be one step ahead.

Integration Ready Product

Our product is built in a way making it very easy to integrate with your current systems, either it's a complicated CRM or a custom made solution, we can integrate it with our wide list of features.
We offer different valuable vendors and third parties that can manage everything from housekeeping, facility management, maintenance, solar cells, events management and ticketing, loyalty systems and others.

Community Experience Consultants

You'll be backed up with a team that has built a solid experience with top developers in tech features, community learnings, engagement tactics and enablement strategy.

Research & Development

Our RnD team is a mix of our tech and experience teams who are fully dedicated to enhance the product features and come up with new features that makes your community solution more complete.

We continuously add new features, offer new trends and solutions and propose valuable integrations that improves your community experience.


Solution Control Panel

Central to the mobile application development, We will be providing a robust Control Panel that will allow you to make changes easily to the mobile application, without requiring a dedicated workstation or additional software.

Phone directory

A directory grouped by categories, with the selection of available entries for the users.

Facility Management

Where community members could request a specific facility service (Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, .. etc.)

Things To Do

Showcasing the point of interests and interesting places that the community might be keen to visit or spend time at, in terms of leisure and fun activities. Each entry will have a free-text content, totally editable from the App Manager.

Community Alerts

One of the main ways to provide the community members with the latest community news and important alerts.

Events Calendar

A calendar showing upcoming and past events, for more interaction and ease of access for the users, each event has a Main Image, Title, Description, Start Date time & End Date time. Also an Optional RSVP & a Going counter.

Talk To Us

The ability for the community members to send feedback generally whenever they want, by voice, image or text. And also to rate a previously requested service experience.

Payment Reminder

Payment reminders for maintenance fees, installments, club memberships, etc.. Reminders shall be sent through CRM integration with the app and to each unit primary owners as a personalized alert.

Notification System

Can be linked to Community Alerts, Events, or to be just a standalone notification, also users to receive it can be selected by filtration functions.


Community managers can create polls to gather instant and easier feedback from the community members on certain services.

Guest Entry

Community members would have a privilege to send an invitation for non-members visitors for easier automated gate entry.


Go cashless with the online payments for the offered services, maintenance or bill payments from the app.

And More..

Our features list will never end, as our RnD team always working to come up with more features and enhance the current ones.

Talk to our Community Experience Consultants now!

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Emaar Egypt Community App

Emaar Community App01

For homeowners of Uptown Cairo, Mivida and Marassi, Emaar Egypt Community app is the simplest and most effective channel to follow their communities' updates. Registered homeowners can request services, report incidents with photos, register for events and provide general feedback to Community Management.

Hyde Park Community App

Hyde Park Community App02

Hyde Park community application offers a luxurious and feature-rich experience to the homeowners. The application includes all the services that the homeowner might need, provides general and service-specific feedback, easy gate entry, and provides a direct way to get notified about the latest news and events happening in the compound.

GrandHeights Community App

Grand Heights Community App03

Grand Heights provides living solutions for the most common issues related to compound living. The app provides a rich experience to the Grand Heights residents including all the services they might need; including but not limited to requesting services, general and request-specific feedback, adding homemates and gate entry.

Sodic Community App

Sodic Community App04

With their CRM software being integrated into the application, this community application allows SODIC’s exclusive community to have an overview about everything happening within the “compound”. The application is a modern-day luxury as it includes all sorts of services the user could ask for. Additionally, this top notch, cutting-edge technology also enables SODIC house owners to let their guests in by using an easy-to-scan QR code at the entrance gate.

Almaza Bay Mobile App

Almaza Bay Community App05

Almaza Bay community application serves as an easy and time-saving way to facilitate the communication between Almaza Bay homeowners and the management. The application includes all the services that the homeowner could need, provide general and service-specific feedback, and a direct way to get notified about the latest news and events happening in the compound. Adding to that, the application gives guests an overall view of what’s happening in Almaza Bay.

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